Taco Bell Triple Double Crunchwrap Review

There comes a time when every person must take a step back and question themselves: Is this too much? … Someone should tell Taco Bell because …. well … damn. This is the Triple Double Crunchwrap from Taco Bell… My god it hurts just typing it’s name.

So yeah, someone at Taco Bell decided that its a good idea to add layers into the crunchwrap formula and the result is the Triple Double Crunchwrap. Why the name? Because it has three layers of two crunchwraps with the veggies acting as the third layer. Is it a monstrosity? Yes. Is it hard to eat? Oh god yes. Now I can leave this review with a simple its a mediocre limited edition fast food thing rating (because it is all of those things) but I decided to question: WHY?

Why has something like this been made and how does it reflect our society and consumer culture? The obvious answer is to make money (duh) but I truly believe this “trend” of adding layers and layers of food to fast food products says something about our monetary driven society. Let’s look first at the concept of layers. Layers don’t add anything unique to the final product; just more of said product. This Triple Double Crunchwrap doesn’t really benefit from having more layers to it since the taste, texture and feeling remains mostly the same as the original Crunchwrap(mediocre and not that tasty). Having said that; why the layers then? Is it because we are looking for something more in our food (this case fast food) than its there and the temporary solution is to add more of it? One of my major problems with fast food is how temporary it is. There is a slight enjoyment at the moment but then it just vanishes while waiting for the next fast food item to reach your stomach. Don’t deny that going to a GOOD restaurant and eating a high quality meal FILLS you up(in more ways than just one). There is a result of genuine and long feeling of satisfaction that exists after said high quality meal. Could the layers just be an attempt to fill that hole that fast food generally doesn’t fill? Also the Triple Double Crunchwrap is a mediocre fast food item… so I’m done ranting. Agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know.

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