Hello there. This is the part where I talk about the blog that you are reading right now. So let’s do that then I guess. This blog will be focused on the marvelous concept of game achievements and a meta system. Comprised of mostly reviews, the writer (Me) will try to illustrate why a game might be worth playing because (a) its good or (b) for its achievements. There will be no limitations to what games will be highlighted here as long as its part of an achievement system so that includes console games, handheld game, pc games and MOBILE GAMES.



Oh yes and there will be GIFs too. Why? I like them. That’s all I have at the moment. Anyways, yes all types of games will be reviewed along with some media in apps like Netflix or Pandora. Why? I want to and some of them have achievements anyways so boohoo. Don’t worry though, games will always be the focus on this blog.  So I guess that covers all so far. Go read something else now. Bye.

You still here? Why?

There is nothing left to read….

Man, I need some social skills.



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