Alrighty then, this page will more or less describe the structure of the different posts will have. A typical review of a game will be divided into two parts. The first part will be the review of the game without the context of achievements. This means no talk or even mention of achievements. The second part will focus on the previously ignored achievements and how they relate to the game. The final verdict will be decided after these two parts. Right now the review scale will not include numbers because I don’t want to use numbers. The final verdicts will (so far) include: Play it, Play it for the achievements, and Don’t Play It.

For everything else, the reviews will be similar to reviews found in newspapers and websites. The final verdict will depend on the type of media or object I’m reviewing. There will also be overviews. Overviews are pretty much reviews for types of medium that doesn’t fit into  traditional distribution. Think of web shows and podcasts and other types of new media. Finally, logs will be completely biased pieces of writing regarding apps like Songza and Pandora that are completely personalized along with traditional blog posts about my life using apps.

So that’s that I guess….



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