First 2017 Update: Goals and Regrets

So um… I’m back. After finishing up my second semester in graduate school last year, I took a break from everything including this blog. While this blog always remained on my mind, the actual writing never came. I wanted to improve this blog and to write more consistently but the perfectionist and completionist in me wanted perfection in everything. SOOO I decided to go back to basics with this blog. What this means I’m going to focus back to the original topic of this blog: video games. No more reviews on fast food and other types of misc. things. While I still want to dabble on media, I’m going to narrow it down to digital media and even then it might be limited to media available only on video game consoles such as movies, TV ,and music. With this renewed focus on video game consoles, I might change the name of the blog in order to better fit the topic of digital media and video game consoles since gaming achievements doesn’t really apply to all digital media. So expect a name like Console Critic or something along those lines. What does this mean for the achievements database that I have built up? The database will still be updated whenever I can but maybe not as regularly as before.  Even though achievements are still an important part of my gaming life, achievements in mobile games is still a very niche concept that hasn’t really caught on in that market. While some of the pages on the database  have given my blog numerous views, the other pages… not so much. Due to this, the database won’t be as heavily updated as before with some of the focus going towards writing features and reviews on video games and digital media. That covers pretty much all of the topics I wanted to cover for this update so expect features on video games consoles and reviews on games about catgirls and a jar of mayo in the near future. Suggestions?  Accusations? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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