Zen Koi- Breed & Collect Fish Achievements (Google Play Games)

Ice (500 XP)
Breed a Shishiro Sutato

Fire (500 XP)
Breed a Akadai Sutato

Ming (500 XP)
Breed a Shiao Sutato

Black Box (500 XP)
Breed a Shikuro Bux

Bruce Lee (500 XP)
Breed a Kikuro Linea

Yang (500 XP)
Breed a Shikuro Tancho

Yin (500 XP)
Breed Kushiro Tancho

Hajiro (500 XP)
Breed a Kukuro Shusui

Dalmation (500 XP)
Breed a Shikuro Sanke

Tribal Wisdom (500 XP)
Breed a Akaniro Tobaru

Bumble Bee (500 XP)
Breed a Kikuro Baru

Blaze (500 XP)
Breed a Kidal Kasai

Dichotomous (1,000 XP)
Breed a Shimido Kitesho

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