Sniper Fury Review

Another game, another review. This time let’s talk about Gameloft’s entry into the sniping games arena. This is Sniper Fury. Sniper Fury is a action sniping (duh) game developed by Gameloft as their take of the sniping game genre popping up in mobile gaming.  You play as an unnamed sniper who gets drafted into a … More Sniper Fury Review

City Rebuild- Zombie Clicker review

Its time for a clicker game with zombies. Are you ready for it? Via: Man New Jersey needs to get its act together. Anyhoo, lets talk about City Rebuild-Zombie Clicker.  Via:,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNFI2LFE6zKedSaN5KWsTIkzvy5ZxQ&ust=1450293460394232 As the title says, City Rebuild Zombie Clicker is a clicker game where you rebuild a city after the zombie apocalypse. How … More City Rebuild- Zombie Clicker review

Google Play Games XP #10: Aquapolis Review

I love when game developers combine different genres to create a unique experience within a genre but sometimes that itself is not enough. Case in point is Aquapolis which is a game that combines city building with the popular farming genre but fails to establish it’s own identity. Aquapolis is a simulation game that combines a city … More Google Play Games XP #10: Aquapolis Review

Google Play Games XP #9: This Means War! Review

Want to talk about another base building strategy game? No? Too bad! Lets talk about This Means War!  Via:   This Means War! is a mobile strategy game that takes place in an unknown land where a new type of resource for energy has been found. This (of course) leads to war. Your job … More Google Play Games XP #9: This Means War! Review

Google Play Games XP #8: Party of Heroes Review

Alright guys, it is time to party with the heroes. That is a joke ladies and gentlemen so let’s start the review of Party of Heroes for mobile platforms.  Via: Party of Heroes is a rpg fantasy game where you lead a group of heroes into combat against the forces of darkness or something like that. … More Google Play Games XP #8: Party of Heroes Review