Pet Zoometery

Mutation (500 XP)
Get a Mutation Center

My First Mutation (500 XP)
Mutate a Zoombie with another zoombie

Zoo Fan (500 XP)
Got Level 5

Zoombies x10 (1,000 XP)
Collect 10 Zoombies

Tweet Tweet (2,000 XP)
Tweet about Pet Zoometery

Face to Face (1,000 XP)
Post about Pet Zoometery on Facebook!

Daily Winner (500 XP)
Collect 3 Daily Prize Rewards

Hunt for the Purple Zanda (2,000 XP)
Complete “Hunt for the Purple Zanda” parts 1-4

Brains, Need Brains! (2,000 XP)
Complete “Brains, Need Brains” parts 1-5

An Australia Down Under (2,000 XP)
Complete “An Australia Down Under” parts 1-6

Zoombies x20 (2,000 XP)
Collect 20 Zoombies

Zoombies x30 (3,000 XP)
Collect 30 Zoombies

Zoombies x50 (5,000 XP)
Collect 50 Zoombies

Zoombies x75 (7,500 XP)
Collect 75 Zoombies

Zoombies x100 (10,000 XP)
Collect 100 Zoombies

Furry Friends (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Mammal Zoombies

Under My Wing (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Bird Zoombies

Cold Blooded (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Reptile Zoombies

Pied Piper (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Rodent Zoombies

Entomologist (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Insect Zoombies

The Cat’s Meow (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Feline Zoombies

Mutate a Zoombie (1,000 XP)
Mutate 10 New Zoombies

Splice Master (1,000 XP)
Mutate 15 New Zoombies

Zoo Enthusiast (1,000 XP)
Reach Level 10

Zoo Devotee (2,000 XP)
Reach Level 20

Lake Skullator (2,000 XP)
Purchase the Water Upgrade

Marine Collector (2,000 XP)
Collect 5 Water Zoombies

Marine Lover (2,000 XP)
Get All Water Zoombies and Families

Full of Pride (500 XP)
Create a Whole Lion Family

Eclectic (500 XP)
Build 25 Decorations

The Kitchen Sink (1,000 XP)
Build 50 Decorations

Detour (500 XP)
Build 50 Paths

Road to Nowhere (1,000 XP)
Build 150 Paths

Fossilized Friend (2,500 XP)
Collect a special T-Rex Companion

Slinky Sidekick (1,000 XP)
Collect a special Ferret Companion

Mini Mates (1,000 XP)
Collect a special Mouse Companion

Purr-fect Pals (1,000 XP)
Collect a special Tiger Companion

Jack of all Tricks (2,500 XP)
Teach Each Special Zoombie All Of Their Tricks

Big Spender (2,000 XP)
Purchase 10 Zoombies Using Brains

High-roller (4,000 XP)
Purchase 20 Zoombies Using Brains

King of the Crops (2,500 XP)
Build 10 Farms

Farm Hand (1,000 XP)
Build 5 Farms

Go Bananas! (1,000 XP)
Collect 5 Primate Zoombies

Extreme Mutation (3,000 XP)
Complete the Extreme Mutation Quest Line

Extreme Mutation (500 XP)
Complete the Extreme Mutation 2.0 Quest Line

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