Mission Impossible RogueNation Achievements (Google Play Games)

Are You In? (500 XP)
Achieved level 5

Mission Accepted (1,000 XP)
Achieved level 10

Mission Attempted (1,500 XP)
Achieved level 15

Mission Accomplished (3,000 XP)
Achieved level 30

Good Morning, Agent (500 XP)
Completed the training missions

Munsif Neutralized (500 XP)
Killed Munsif

Langdon Neutralized (500 XP)
Killed Langdon

Anton Griesser Neutralized (500 XP)
Killed Anton Griesser

Quick Killer (500 XP)
Killed 10 enemies with headshots

Clean Killer (1,000 XP)
Killed 20 enemies with headshots

Apprentice of Accuracy (1,500 XP)
Killed 50 enemies with headshots

Master of Accuracy (2,000 XP)
Killed 100 enemies with headshots

You Chose to Accept (500 XP)
Completed 5 repeatable missions

You Lit the Fuse (1,000 XP)
Completed 15 repeatable missions

The Syndicate Is Real ( 1,500 XP)
Completed 30 repeatable missions

This Will Self Destruct (2,000XP)
Completed 50 repeatable missions

Experimental (500 XP)
Completed 5 challenge missions

Prototype Tester (1,000 XP)
Completed 10 challenge missions
Well-Trained (2,000 XP)
Completed 15 challenge missions

Veteran Specialist (3,000 XP)
Completed 20 challenge missions

Agent vs. Agent (500 XP)
Won 1 PvP match

Data Crystal Raider (1,000 XP)
Won 10 PvP matches

Heistmaster (2,000 XP)
Won 100 PvP matches

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