Egg, Inc. Achievements (Google Play Games)

Drone Enemy (500 XP)
Take down 10 drones

Millionaire (1,000 XP)
Have a million dollars in the bank

Getting Started (1,000 XP)
Farm size has reached 5000

5 Missions (1,000 XP)
Complete 5 Missions

Billionaire (1,000 XP)
Have a Billion dollars in the bank

Big Farm (1,500 XP)
50,000 Chickens live on your farm

Trillionaire (1,000 XP)
Have a Trillion dollars in the bank

Quadrillionaire (1,000 XP)
Have a quadrillion dollars in the bank

Huge Farm (1,500 XP)
Farm Size has reached 250,000

Prestige (2,000 XP)
Collect at least 1 soul egg

Mission Master (2,000 XP)
Complete 25 missions

Sextillionaire (2,000 XP)
Have a Sextillion dollars in the bank

One Sec (2,000 XP)
Earn a quadrillion dollars in 1 second

Mega Farm (2,500 XP)
Farm population reaches 1 million

Drone Hunter (2,500 XP)
Take down 500 drones

Mission Impossible (5,000 XP)
Complete all missions

Mad Scientist (3,500 XP)
Complete 500 research

Soul Man (5,000 XP)
Collect 500 soul eggs

Decillionaire (5,000 XP)
Have a Decillion dollars in the bank

Insane Farm (5,000 XP)
Farm population reaches 100,000,000