Clash Royale Achievements (Google Play Games)

Team Player (1,000 XP)
Join a clan

Friend in Need (1,000 XP)
Donate 25 cards

Friend in Need II (1,000 XP)
Donate 250 cards

Friend in Need III (1,000 XP)
Donate 2500 cards

Road to Glory (1,000 XP)
Reach Arena 2

Road to Glory II (1,000 XP)
Reach Arena 4

Road to Glory III (1,000 XP)
Reach Arena 6

Gatherer (1,000 XP)
Collect 20 cards

Gatherer II (1,000 XP)
Collect 30 cards

Gatherer III (1,000 XP)
Collect 40 cards

TV Royale (1,000 XP)
Watch a TV Royale Replay

Tournament Rewards (500 XP)
Win 1000 cards from tournaments

Tournament Rewards II (500 XP)
Win 20000 cards from tournaments

Tournament Rewards III (500 XP)
Win 500000 cards from tournaments

Tournament Host (500 XP)
Create and finish one tournaments

Tournament Host II (500 XP)
Create and finish 10 tournaments

Tournament Host III (500 XP)
Create and finish 50 tournaments

Tournament Player (500 XP)
Join a tournament