Original Release Dates for Lockhart and Anaconda Revealed

In a report by Brad Sams for Thurrott, it was detailed that Microsoft was going to release the next generation of Xbox consoles much earlier than anticipated. According to Brad Sams, Lockhart was going to release in Mid-October while the Anaconda, now known as the Xbox Series X, would have been released as early as late August. Obviously plans have changed since then but its interesting that Microsoft was going to release these consoles so early in the year. Sams goes into more detail about the Lockhart console by dismissing the claims that Lockhart will hamper game development in the future. Both consoles will have similar components such as raytracing support and CPU specs. The main difference will be the resolution with Lockhart targeting 1080p resolution in comparison to Xbox Series X’s 4k resolution. As many others have argued, game developers are used to making games for different GPUs in the pc market. Price is still unknown but I’m guessing it has to be at least $100 dollar price difference in order for the Lockhart to make sense. What about you guys? Still worried that Lockhart will hold-back next generation games? What do you guys think about the price? Comment below and let me know.

Thanks Thurrott.

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