Summer Game Fest Schedule Is Revealed… Kind Of

Yesterday, the Summer Game Fest website was fully released with a schedule and FAQ answering some basic question about the multi-month event. Unfortunately, the schedule wasn’t fully revealed with only a couple of events dated and only some of them were new to the world. Either way, lets talk about them for a bit.

Up first is the month of May with two events so far. The first event is the Inside Xbox May 2020 show where we will “get a first look at Xbox Series X gameplay.” The show starts on May 7 at 11A ET/ 8A PT. This event has already being detailed to have only third party games so don’t expect any news on Xbox Game Studios. The only game confirmed is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla(which I’m personally excited for). Seeing as it’s the first time that next-gen gameplay will be shown, I consider this Inside Xbox a must watch. The next event is called Sunrise #1 where we will “join Geoff Keighley for a surprise game reveal.” This reveal will be on May 12 12P ET/ 9A PT. This event is one of the few that hasn’t been announced before so there is no details regarding the reveal. Hopefully it will be a big reveal since it has its own mini-event. Next up is the month of June.

The first event is the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. It’s blurb is “play and wishlist upcoming PC games on Steam.” To be more specific, Steam will have a page which will be filled with demos for upcoming PC games. Having participated on previous Steam Game Festivals, I’m personally excited to play more new demos of upcoming indie games. The festival will run from June 9-14.  The following live event is a more traditional digital event. On June 11, CD Projekt Red will have a “special broadcast on Cyberpunk 2077” called Night City Wire. The game’s hype is already ridiculously high so I expect many people to tune in to the show. The last show of the month(so far) its EA Play Live 2020. EA will show “a new slate of games” in this digital replacement of EA Play. As discussed in another article, sport games, Need for Speed, and Star Wars are probably going to be part of the digital event. That’s all for June so let’s move to July and its one event.

At the time of writing, July’s only event is Tennocon 2020 where “Digital Extremes updates Warframe players on what’s next.” I’m not a Warframe player so I’m quite ignorant on what this could be. I remember seeing some news on the PC Gaming Show in previous years so maybe something like that will be the show? Either way, Warframe fans will surely tune in to watch this show… and that’s that for the month of July. August is equally sparse as there is only one event but its a big one.

As Geoff Keighley said before, the Summer Game Fest will end with the Gamescom: Opening Night Live show which will be hosted by Geoff Keighley himself. Think of it of a general press conference where many companies will reveal gameplay and new games for the first time. I didn’t see the previous show so I’m not entirely sure how this show will play out.

And that’s a wrap… for now anyways. Obviously, there will be many additions to the schedule as the weeks go by and you can expect updates as the schedule grows. What about you guys? Excited for the Summer Game Fest? Underwhelmed by the initial schedule? Comment below and let me know.

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