Another Gaming Digital Event Is Announced As EA Reveals EA Play Live 2020

After the cancellation of E3, many wondered what would happen to the game announcements and reveals that would normally happen in said event. Now as we get closer to the date that E3 2020 was going to happen, the picture gets clearer with replacement digital events such as the Summer Game Fest 2020 and IGN’s Summer of Gaming Event. Now EA has revealed the time and date for EA Play 2020. This event will be an all digital version of the traditional EA Play that the company has been putting on these last couple years. EA has stated that the digital event will include “world premieres, news, and more.” As of the time of writing, EA Play Live 2020 will stream on on June 11 at 4:00 p.m. PT/ 7:00 p.m. ET. Its weird that it won’t be on YouTube but most likely it will also stream on other sites.

EA has not revealed what to expect in terms of games. FIFA and other sports games will definitely be part of the presentation but the rest of the slate is a mystery. That rumored Project Maverick Star Wars game might be revealed as there doesn’t seem to be any Star Wars games in the near future so far. Anthem could make a comeback as Anthem 2.0 but maybe EA just gave up on the game after so much time and silence since the start of the year. Need for Speed is another franchise that will probably be showcased at the show. EA will probably also give the spotlight to an indie title as in previous years. What do you expect from EA Play Live 2020? Not interested in it because of the sports games? Comment below and let me know.

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