Is the Return to the World of Frog Detective a Success in Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard?

One of the recent highlights in the adventure game genre was 2018’s The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective game. Taking control of an anthropomorphic frog, the player was tasked to solve a mystery on an island that was supposedly haunted. Frog Detective had to talk with the residents and visitors of the island and give them items they request in order to find out whenever the island was haunted or not. The game oozed charm and humor in a way that most adventure games don’t so I was excited to play the next adventure of the not famous Frog Detective. This time, the mystery would involve MAGIC.

Taking place immediately after the first one, Frog Detective is sent to a small village where a wizard has recently moved in. The other residents were planning to throw a parade for the wizard but someone destroyed the parade during the night. Its up to the Frog Detective to find out who the culprit is and solve the mystery. Also the wizard is invisible so there’s that. Gameplay wise, the game remains unchanged from the previous one as the player has to talk with the inhabitants of the village and give them certain items in order to progress through the story. The only major gameplay innovation is the notebook. The notebook records not only what each resident wants but it also records funny, charming notes and observations about them. That’s where the game really shines. The humor and charm is still apparent with the dialogue between the characters. Between someone being biased because of someone wearing an eyepatch or questioning why Frog Detective has the name of Frog Detective, the game never lacks in opportunity to make a joke. Its just a game that makes you smile and chuckle almost constantly. Unfortunately the game is short in comparison with other adventure games but it is still longer than the first Frog Detective game. Also (like the first one) the game is very easy as the challenge its just to figure out the chain of items that the player needs to give to the villagers so if you are looking for a challenge this is not the game for you. In summary, if you enjoyed the first one then definitely pick this one up as it continues to showcase the strength of this series by highlighting the humor and charm that most games can’t pull off. If you haven’t played the first one, then I recommend playing that one first in order to get some of the references and jokes(Lobster Cop!) that are told in this game. Have you played any of the Frog Detective game? What do you guys think about it? Comment below and let me know.

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