Sonic The Hedgehog Speeds Past The Competition

In not really surprising news, Sonic The Hedgehog zoomed to the first place on its opening weekend in the cinema. What is surprising is that the movie has surpassed expectations by bringing in 57 million dollars domestically which is over the initial predictions of 40-50 million dollars. Worldwide, Sonic has grossed 100 million which, according to Variety, is the best showing for a video game movie ever. Variety also notes that this movie could have been a disaster after the reaction to the first trailer. If you don’t remember, it showcased a near monstrous design of the titular hedgehog which led to immediate fan backlash. The designers actually listened to the fan outcry and went back to the drawing board, with a 3 months delay,  and finished with a more faithful adaptation of the blue blur.

The plot involves the typical stranger from another world who is hunted by an organization or villain who wants to control the universe. The movie was directed by Jeff Fowler and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The blue hedgehog is voiced by Ben Schwartz and stars Jim Carrey as Robotnik and James Marsden as *checks notes* Tom Wachowski. Sonic The Hedgehog continues the trend of surprisingly good video game movies such as Detective Pikachu which released back in May 2019. Both of these films have received positive audience reactions in sites such as CinemaScore. Have you seen the Sonic The Hedgehog? What do you guys think? Excited for another video game movie? Comment below and let me know.

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