New Kingdom Hearts Game For Mobile Platforms Revealed

Well, that was fast. In a surprise announcement, Square Enix has revealed “Project Xehanort” which is a new Kingdom Hearts experience for iOS and Android due to launch in Spring 2020. This comes after a Q-A on the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter where it was revealed that two new development teams are working on the next Kingdom Hearts games. Project Xehanort seems to be a free-to-play game since the official website references in-app purchases. The tagline of the game is “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?”  Both the name and the tagline seem to reference Kingdom Heart’s main antagonist Xehanort. This experience might be an origin story for him. There is currently a Guess the Name Campaign running on Twitter where winners can guess the name of the game and win rewards but no specific prizes have been announced.

This announcement continues the trend of Square Enix releasing Kingdom Hearts spin-offs on mobile and handheld platforms. Ever since the PS2 era, there have been Kingdom Hearts games on handheld platforms such as Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days that expand the story beyond the main numbered series.  It’s interesting that the game is being described as an experience so maybe it has less gameplay than usual. Are you guys excited for another Kingdom Hearts spin-off on mobile platforms? Comment below and let me know.

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