E3 2017 Sony Press Conference Impressions

Alright, guys and gals, we are in the home stretch for the E3 press conference so let’s talk about the Sony conference and whenever they pulled out all the stops for the event.

  • The show started off strong with a trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which showcased the campaign of the game. Looked impressive as such is Naughty Dog’s nature at this point.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first DLC , The Frozen Wilds,  was revealed so if you want more of that world Sony has got you covered.
  • Another gameplay trailer for Days Gone. Still have mixed feelings about to be honest. While the amount of zombies on the screen is impressive, will the game be actually be fun to play?
  • Reveal for the multiplatform title , Monster Hunter World, which used to be a Nintendo only series from what I understand. Pretty happy to try out the series without having to buy a Nintendo console.
  • Reveal for Shadow of the Colossus remake which I know people are excited about.
  • Story trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. (No X-men so far. Worried about that.)
  • Trailer for Call of Duty WWII. Looking to see if the change back to WWII can reinvigorate the franchise.
  • Skyrim VR trailer. (Look for Skyrim on available toasters next year.)
  • Reveal of VR title: Star Child. Not sure what it is about or what the gameplay is.
  • Reveal of VR title: The Inpatient. Looks to be another horror VR title.
  • Reveal of another VR title: Masters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. It’s a fishing VR game in the world of FFXV… no comment.
  • Reveal of another VR title: Bravo Team which seems to be a first person shooter with co-op elements to it. How will that work in VR? No clue.
  • Reveal of the final VR title: Moss. It has a cute mouse which you can become friends with. I’m getting The Secret of Nimh vibes from this for some reason.
  • God of War trailer which looked impressive as always.
  • A trailer for the last playable character in Detroit: Become Human. With Quantic Dream’s mixed reception, I am reserving judgement for now.
  • Destiny 2 trailer. Yay! Exclusive Playstation 4 content? Boo!
  • The conference closes with a game play segment for Spider-Man which looks to combine the Batman Arkham series with the Spider-Man 2 game. And its being developed by Insomniac Games so its definitely on my radar.

So, in summary, while Sony had a strong start it languished with no major new IPs and distinctive lack of indie support in the conference.  After the numerous strong E3 conference since the launch of the PS4, this might be the weakest one yet. It felt like they were pulling their punches but I believe they shouldn’t have due to the reveal of the Xbox One X. In my humble opinion, Microsoft had a better conference than Sony did. Agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know.

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