E3 2017 EA Press Conference Impressions

Alright guys, the first press conference of E3 2017 is over. EA rolled out the big guns aka sports and Star Wars. Let us talk about it then.

  • Conference starts with a Madden NFL 18 trailer. Story Mode! Subtitle! American Football!
  • Battlefield 1 expansion titled In The Name of the Tsar where it focuses on the Russian front of World War I. A September release date. Looks really good to be honest.
  • FIFA 18 (obviously). The return of Hunter in a new story as a sequel to last year’s FIFA story mode.
  • Need for Speed Payback trailer that showcases one of the missions in the story. Switching between characters during missions. Reminds me of Fast and Furious film series.
  • A new EA Originals title that is being developed by the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons(which I loved). It is titled A Way Out. It is a co-op adventure game where you play the role of two convicts who escape from prison. Looks like a unique game to enjoy with a friend.
  • Bioware’s new IP is called Anthem…. and that’s all we know. More information will come in Microsoft’s press conference.
  • NBA Live 18 segment where they showcased The One mode which combines NBA matches with street matches in one singular mode. Looks interesting I suppose.
  • Free Access to EA Access on Xbox One for the week. Hype!
  •  Finally, Star Wars Battlefront II segment with John Boyega, trailer and full multiplayer match. Easily the most hyped game of the conference. Still vague on details about the story mode but everything else looks amazing.

As the first E3 2017 press conference, EA got the motors running doing their usual shtick. Sports, cringe interactions with celebrities and Star Wars were expected and EA did not disappoint. While there was the surprise of both A Way Out and Anthem, only the former got my blood pumping due to the lack of information on Anthem. Everything else went as expected with Star Wars, Madden, FIFA and Need for Speed holding down the fort. So what do you think about the conference? Not enough Star Wars? Too much sports(again)? Comment below and let’s start a conversation. Check back for more impressions on the remaining conferences.

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