Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Review

So yeah. They made an official Pokemon game starring Magikarp as the main Pokemon of the game. What a crazy world we live in.

Platforms: IOS, Android (reviewed)

Publisher: The Pokemon Company

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump is a mobile simulation game where you take the role of a Pokemon Trainer who has been given the task of raising Magikarps in order to win a series of jumping competitions. You train the Magikarp by feeding it and completing  randomized training through the use of training points that will raise the Pokemon’s jumping points(JP). Some Pokemon will become buddies and help with the training by doing special actions such as Pikachu who gives extra JP after a certain amount of time.  You earn coins through reaching certain levels with your Magikarp and by winning against other trainers in the competitions. You will use these coins to increase the jumping points gained through the use of training and food.  After reaching max level with a Magikarp, you will retire it after losing a match. The trainer will then fish up a new Magikarp that will have a higher max level (which depends on your trainer level) and a higher bonus to the jumping points gained. Rinse and repeat until you beat all of the leagues.

The game itself starts out very generous with the premium currency( diamonds) and the advancement in the leagues but the game slowly starts to become a grind. The JP bonus gained after each Magikarp generation isn’t enough to advance at a good speed as the level requirements to win battles get higher and higher. While the training and food can also be upgraded, some of them will become obsolete as you progress through the game. All of these factors lead to a grind which you have to start over once the Magikarp reaches its max level! Add in repeated random encounters and the game becomes a slog to get through.

The final verdict is a try it for the novelty sake but don’t keep it long on your phone. The grind becomes too much as the game progresses and decreases the enjoyment of the game’s mechanics and visuals.  There are better games out there that let you play with Pokemon. Agree? Disagree? God damn it, Magikarp. Comment below and let me know.


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