Writing: A Symptom of Loneliness?

Why do you write? Normally, my answer would be because I truly enjoy writing and sharing my opinions without the whole talking bit. I also would like to write for a living since I have been described as a good writer. But is that it? Is there really no more motivations that inspire me to write? With a little bit of introspection, I found a possible reason for my writing: Loneliness. Of course, that word alone means many things without context so let’s add some.

I’m socially awkward. That is a fact. I mess up words or say the wrong thing or don’t keep contact, etc. Most social interactions go above my head except for one. Writing. After years of struggling with my writing, I can finally say “I’m pretty good” at putting words on a piece of paper in order to convey a message. Having said that, why start a blog?  The easy answer would be to put my opinions and writing out there. The hard and “tear out your heart” answer is that I’m trying to reach out. To start a conversation. It seems silly especially since writing isn’t really the easiest thing to do but my speech impediment and a lack of social skills have impacted the way I communicate with other people in a negative manner. It gives me anxiety to talk with people and to be in crowded places yet ,in writing, I’m more confident in what I say and how I say it. Some people believe that writing is a passive activity in which a piece of work is created and that’s it. I disagree since all literature and writing that is read starts a conversation. A emotional and very real conversation between the author and the reader that is different to a verbal conversation. Let’s look at the image of the tormented writer. The tormented writer writes to put sense into the world and to say what his mouth can not. From the modern writing of F. Scott Fitzgerald to the web comics of Allie Brosh, authors have used their writing for many reasons but I believe that reaching out to other people in ways that the verbal language can’t is one of them. Even with my friends, it’s easier for me to text my problems than to say them out loud.

Now back to the loneliness part of my argument, writing and the already mentioned reaching out to people might be a way to fight the loneliness that some people suffer from…. and that’s about it really. I just wanted to get “it” out in some way, shape or form. Do you agree with my rambling about writing being fueled by loneliness? Or that I’m just a fool? Comment below and let me know.

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