My Name is Mayo Review

I have played games where you lead a revolution on Mars in Red Faction to playing against Michael Jordan in NBA Street 2 but nothing could prepare me for the game where you click on a jar of mayo. This is My Name is Mayo.

Yes. That is a jar of mayo wearing a moustache with a disembodied hand to its side.  This is a sim game developed by Green Lava Studios for the PS4, PlayStation Vita ,and Steam. The player controls the hand which you use to click on the jar of mayo. This makes the counter on the top right increase as you keep clicking on the jar of mayo. After reaching a certain number of clicks, you will unlock costumes that you have to equip in order to progress the …. “story.” Clicking on the mayo jar while its wearing a costume will eventually unlock more costumes.  Each achievement/trophy either has a random fact or the step in the story. Rinse and repeat until you get all trophies. That is the game everyone. Bye (Gets up from chair to get some chocolate milk) … oh right. I need to review this thing.

My Name is Mayo might be the epitome of a barebones game. Unlike it’s other clicker brethren, this game has no upgrades so there is no strategy towards reaching the end game. Just keep clicking. The visuals barely change with the costumes that the jar wears (never thought I would type that). The whole game can be completed in less than a hour with a cost total of $0.99. Then why has this game reached infamous levels of notoriety online? Trophies.

This game has what might be the easiest platinum trophy to achieve in the entire PlayStation market due to having no strategy and requiring a minimal amount of time and effort. Due to this, this game has reached a level of notoriety among trophy hunters in the PlayStation community. Having said that, is this game good or bad? On a typical numerical scale, this game would get a 4 out of 10 due to it being so barebones that even one dollar is a little bit too much. While it has some charming moments with the costumes and the random facts, it doesn’t do enough to warrant its purchase. On a trophy hunter scale, this would rank 10//10 for its easy trophies and 100% easy completion. So depending on who you are you can either skip this or play for an hour and get a platinum trophy. Agree? Disagree? What the hell? Comment below and let me know.

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