Motor World: Bike Factory (Android) Review

Alright, I will admit it. I had a couple of lazy weeks which means no posts in this blog but the buck stops now(not 100% sure if I used that correctly). Speaking of laziness, lets talk about a game that I consider to be quite lazy. This is Motor World: Bike Factory.

Cover art

Motor World: Bike Factory is a racing/simulation game where the player manages a …. well… bike factory. The objective is to be the biggest company in the world by making bikes and businesses to make huge piles of money. You make these bikes with workers powered by donuts and no salary. The workers themselves have stats that can be increased by items and level ups with a substantial amount of donuts.The actual building of the bikes works like this: you select the type of bike, the bike will appear in the assembly line where it can be tapped so the workers can start to work on it, and the bike requires a certain amount of work points before it is finished. Once finished, the sale of the bike is on a timer depending on the bike. If you played the first game of this series, Motor World: Car Factory, then you will recognize that this game is the same as its predecessor. There’s a reason for that. This is the same game with a barely different skin. The quests are the same as the previous game(with the word car replaced with bike). The graphics are the same. The workers are the same(both free and premium workers). Motor World: Bike Factory is a re-skin of Motor World: Car Factory. Other than the exchange of cars for bikes, its the same damn game. It also lacks the amount of content from Motor World: Car Factory which includes a unique battling mode and amount of cars compared to bikes. So why play this game? That’s a trick question. You shouldn’t play this game , especially if you played the first one. If you haven’t tried this series, then play the first one since it has more content that this re-skin has.So just ignore this game for the time being. Agree? Disagree? Scooters? Comment below and let me know.

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