Nonstop Knight (Android) Review

The popularity of idle mechanics in mobile games cannot be overstated as more and more games use idle type gameplay in their games. Here is one of those games. This is Nonstop Knight.

Cover art

Nonstop Knight is an RPG game where you take control of a young knight(duh) who is on a quest to become the best knight of the kingdom. How does he do that? By descending into a dungeon with a lot of floors and even more monsters. The good news is that all the monsters are carrying gold and exp for our playable young knight. The gold can be used to level up your equipment while the exp is used to level up the knight which grants him new skills and runes that can modify those skills with attributes like poison and frost. These skills are used by tapping their icons on the bottom of the screen while your knight automatically moves and attacks the enemies on the current floor. Certain floors have bosses which are stronger and have their own special skills but they drop equipment that have perks which increases the knight’s ability to fight. After a while, the knight will start to progress slower as he advances through the dungeon but he can ascend the dungeon and start at the beginning of the dungeon while losing all of his equipment. In return, the knight receives tokens which can be used to buy permanent upgrades that increases the knight’s stats like damage and armor that stays with him even after ascending…. and I have pretty much described most of the clicker/idle games out there. What makes this game stand out from the pack is the visuals and the presentation. It’s fun to see your little knight dash around the dungeon looking for enemies. It’s satisfying to see him swing his weapon against skeletons and other types of enemies. The presentation it’s just charming which other clicker games of this type lack. While in game play it doesn’t change the game, the charming visuals and presentation helps this game stand out from the line up of idle games. Agree? Disagree? Nonstop knighting? Comment below and let me know.

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