Tap My Katamari – Idle Clicker (Android) Review

The clicker genre of games shows no sign of slowing down as more and more pop up every week on the apps stores. It has gotten to the point that even big video game companies like Bandai Namco have released their own clicker game on the market. In order to put their own spin on the genre, they released a game that combines the clicker mechanics with crazy visual art design and characters from the game series Katamari. This is Tap My Katamari- Idle Clicker.

Cover art

Tap My Katamari is a clicker game where you roll up objects into a ball in order to convert that ball into a star. Normally in the Katamari series, the player would have direct control of the movements of the Prince(the charming ,cute character seen in the app’s image) but in this game it works a bit differently. You tap in order for the Prince to move forward closer to the next object. Rinse and repeat until you get the object…. and then rinse and repeat some more to get the next object…you get the idea. As in all clicker games, you get money for tapping(in this case picking up objects) which is used to upgrade the Prince’s abilities or to summon one of his cousins who raises the automatic tapping number when you are not tapping your screen(by cheering the Prince… makes sense). When you reach a certain level with the Prince you can convert the ball of objects you made into a star but you have to start over from the beginning. You will receive star tokens that can be used to buy presents in order to make your next play through longer and faster(ha). Sound familiar? Its because its the same mechanics used by other clicker games but in this case with a new coat of Katamari paint. That statement summarizes my problem with this game. It just doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself from the other clicker/idle games out there. The crazy visuals and music from the Katamari series only goes so far in keeping this game on your phone. To be honest, unless you are fan of clicker games that wants a new game to play, skip this one. You have played the same game already and there is better idle/clicker games out there to spend your time with. Agree? Disagree? Katamari is weird? Comment below and let me know.

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