Smashy City (Android) Review

A lot of mobile game developers try to put their own spin on successful games like Clash of Clans and Crossy Road. This is one of those games. A mixture of Crossy Road with a little bit of the arcade game Rampage and you get Smashy City.

Cover art

Smashy City is an action game heavily inspired by Crossy Road’s mechanics. The player controls a giant monster while destroying all nearby buildings and cars. As you keep destroying buildings, your “Rampage” meter will go up which once full can be activated to be invincible and destroy buildings in a rapid succession. Bear in mind that the military will go after you and attack your weak spot: your back. Now what makes this game similar to Crossy Road? Well, the game tries to reach for an addictive “one more game” style of mechanics. At the top of the screen, the player can see the amount of money his path of destruction has caused. This is similar to the distance indicator in Crossy Road giving the player extra motivation to beat their highscore. What other similarities are there between this game and Crossy Road?   There are coins atop of some buildings which can be used to hatch a random monster from an egg. The monster itself can be completely new or a duplicate of one you already own(sounds familiar?). Some monsters have better stats than others like increased health or damage for example. You can also receive coins from gifts earned after a certain amount of time(SOUNDS FAMILIAR?). So the game uses a gacha type system for its characters(like Crossy Road) while putting their own twist of addictive gameplay but the question is: is it good?

The answer is yes with some caveats. While the game itself is fun for a while, it never reaches the addictive level of Crossy Road. After a while, the game just runs out of steam and becomes forgotten in your pile of apps and games. The sound is good and the visuals are cartoon-ish yet lively. The game runs well even with the chaos that happens on screen. It just doesn’t reach the level of the game it imitates. Final verdict will be a try it but keep expectations under control. Agree? Disagree? Crossy Road? Comment below and let me know.

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