McDonald’s McBacon Chicken Review

Another day, another trip to get cheap food due to lack of money. This time it is straight towards McDonald’s in order to get the Combo of the Day (McCombo del Dia). Since today it’s Friday, the special is on the McBacon Chicken. Let’s talk about it.

The McBacon Chicken is a sandwich made up of two chicken patties, a thin layer of bacon on the top bun and melted cheese in the middle of the two patties. Now here comes the shocker: it’s pretty good. The cheese is melted well giving the sandwich a nice “hot” feel. The chicken patties are okay and do their job of being the meat of the sandwich. There is a sauce layered into the top bun but I did not recognize it(newbie food taster over here). The only real let down to this sandwich is the bacon. The bacon isn’t crispy or tasteful so it’s really just there for the extra workout for your jaw muscles which is a shame due to the name of this food item(seriously if a food item has bacon in the name, make the bacon good). In summary, its a pretty good chicken sandwich with hot melted cheese and two okay chicken patties but it loses some points due to the barely noticeable bacon that contributes almost nothing except the name. So if you are in Puerto Rico and its Friday, you can check this menu item for a low price. Agree? Disagree? The hell is a McBacon? Comment below and let me know.

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