Metal Slug (Steam) Review

The grand old days of spending hundreds of dollars in quarters in your local video arcade has passed yet some of those games still survive. Case in point: the Metal Slug series. This game series has been ported to many different platforms through the years but let’s focus on the very first one of the series that is available on Steam: Metal Slug

For those who don’t know, the Metal Slug series is a run and gun series where the objective is to get to the end of the level, defeat the boss, and dance on the corpses of your enemies(I made that last part up). The first one of the series (Metal Slug) involves foiling a coup d’etat  by the evil General Morden. You play as Marco Rossi (second player will play as Tarma Roving) who sets outs to stop him by … well, jumping and shooting. The players have a certain amount of lives that will go down quickly due to one hit deaths because it’s an arcade game(duh). Along the way, Marco will find weapon upgrades(heavy machine gun,shotgun, etc.) and tanks(Metal Slug) to use against the enemies he will encounter. He will also find POW’s that he can rescue for more weapon upgrades and points. The enemies themselves consists of foot soldiers, tanks and aircraft that can all be taken care of with your weapons and grenades(You can also throw a limited amount of grenades as part of your arsenal). At the end of each level (6 in total), there is a boss aka big freaking armored vehicle that takes a huge amount of punishment. Note that it is not all sour and dour 24/7. The game itself also has sense of humor where the enemy foot soldiers are portrayed as cowardly and for dying comical deaths. It helps keep levity to this simple video game about … war.

What’s that? Oh, right. Achievements. The game’s achievements are divided into: beating the levels, killing a certain number of enemies, freeing a certain number of POW’s and some misc achievements. With unlimited continues, the game is a breeze to get these achievements with only a couple being problematic (beat the game without using continues?? AAAARRRGGHHH).

In summary,  Metal Slug on Steam has aged well giving a short but fun dose of nostalgic video gaming. While I noticed some lag on my game(could be my shitty laptop), it runs well. If you are into achievements/trading cards, this come highly recommended.  The icing on the cake is the price which is very cheap especially when it’s on sale. So grab a friend and play through this game and find out why this is such a celebrated start to the series.

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