Taco Bell Flatbread Sandwich Review

Taco Bell has gotten a reputation for its food due to the bowel movements after eating said food. So, in a sense, eating Taco Bell involves a risk of then later suffering the consequences through the use of the bathroom toilet. What better franchise to start my fast food review section than the one that causes you to do unwanted number 2s in an uncomfortable manner? This is Taco Bell’s new menu option: Flatbread Sandwich.

Before I start, I need to remind the reader that I live in Puerto Rico hence there will be differences in the menu so I could be talking about something that may or may not be available in the US. Now that is out of the way lets begin. The Taco Bell flatbread sandwich comes in two varieties: steak and chicken. This review will be on the chicken flatbread.  The sandwich is made of flatbread(obviously), chicken, a three cheese blend and chipotle sauce. Let’s start with the good things. The flatbread itself is decent if needing a little bit more toasting. The chipotle sauce is strong with some very light spiciness to it…. and we reached the first problem. The sauce is way too strong in comparison to the chicken and cheeses. It overpowers them to the point that I had trouble tasting the chicken to begin with. The three cheese blend disappeared within the sauce to never be tasted again.  The sauces are there (in my opinion) to give that extra oomph of flavor and not smother the other ingredients. This could be remedied by having more chicken which my sandwich was lacking a bit but that’s not the major problem. At the end of the day, the chicken flatbread sandwich is a mediocre chicken sandwich and a pretty good chipotle sauce sandwich so your mileage with this choice will vary. Agree? Disagree? Taco Bell? Comment below and let me know. Now I’m going to the bathroom because you know what is happening and I need to reach the bathroom ASAP.

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