Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Another day, another clicker game to review: This is Evolution: Heroes of Utopia.

Cover art

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is an rpg clicker game where you take command of a commander(ha) who has been sent to Utopia but crash lands on the planet. His new mission is to go to the crash site and find out what happened to his aircraft. Between you and the destination, lies violent gangs, extremist organizations and deadly fauna(spiders) that all want to kill you. As all clicker games, you tap to inflict damage on an enemy. Defeat an enemy to get biofuel which is the main currency of the game. The biofuel is used to upgrade the commander and your allies that you recruit through the game. After reaching sector 60, you can restart the game for data disks which you can use to upgrade pieces of technology that will help you advance faster through the game. You will only keep the technology you have when you restart the game so you lose all levels and upgrades. So in summary, its another clicker game in terms of mechanics. The game does have a nice feel when it comes to graphics and sounds. Your character will respond when an enemy is defeated with an “Oh Yeah” among other phrases(think action movie quotes). The music is also nice being similar to other sci-fi games with hints of heavy metal and rock. The achievements consists of tapping the screen, defeating bosses, upgrading characters and reaching new sectors. Verdict? Play It For the achievements since at the end of the day it is still a clicker game that does everything well but doesn’t break the wheel. Being a clicker game it is super easy to get achievements to raise your score on game center or google play games. Still hate clicker games? Love them? Comment below and let me know.

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