Nords: Heroes of the North review

Alright I’m back from hibernation mode and what better game to talk about than a viking fantasy game? Get the joke? Hibernation? Winter? Vikings? …. This is Nords: Heroes of the North. (Sigh)

Cover art

Nords is a strategy mobile game similar to Game of War. You upgrade buildings using resources (in this case: ale, fish and mushrooms). You build armies also using those resources. Join players in clans to strengthen your position. So on and so on. This game doesn’t break new ground in terms of mechanics or game play but it does it very competently. It eases you in with some tutorial quests and keeps you focused with quests that guides the player. The graphics are charming and colorful. The sound is nice(yeah that is all I got for that). The story is that an evil winter force has attacked the region forcing all the other races to join up in a blood pact. Theses races includes north men, orcs,elves and dragons. This leads me to the unlock system of the game: blood pacts. Blood pacts are what unlocks the different units and upgrades you will need in order to become stronger. A blood pact takes time to sign initially(average is 5 days) but can then be upgraded by signing it again but in less time( think hours). These pacts cost resources so stock up before spending too much. In summary, the game works doesn’t break new ground in game play but it is helped by the graphics and the unique unlock system so it earns a For the Fans Verdict. Disagree? Fell asleep? Comment below and let me know. Catch you later guys and gals.

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