City Rebuild- Zombie Clicker review

Its time for a clicker game with zombies. Are you ready for it? Via:

Man New Jersey needs to get its act together. Anyhoo, lets talk about City Rebuild-Zombie Clicker.  Via:,d.cWw&psig=AFQjCNFI2LFE6zKedSaN5KWsTIkzvy5ZxQ&ust=1450293460394232

As the title says, City Rebuild Zombie Clicker is a clicker game where you rebuild a city after the zombie apocalypse. How do you do that? Well, being a clicker game, its quite simple. You start with a simple house. You tap the house to get money. You use the money to upgrade your taps and survivors(which give you money without tapping) stationed at your house. Once you have enough money you can build a bigger house. Rinse and repeat until you are bored with the game. So the game doesn’t break new ground when it come to mechanics and structure of clicker games. Basic goal is to get money so you can get well.. more money. At later buildings you have to tap away the zombies (sounds like a song)under a time limit in order to construct new buildings. This is when the police and the police station comes in.

There are upgrades you can get within the game that helps with killing off zombies and getting money (duh).  Unfortunately, theses upgrades are on buildings(police station and gym) and not the menu so you will have to swipe left or right many time before getting to where you want. It becomes a pain after the city starts to grow with numerous buildings and I would rather have it on a menu system than having to swipe numerous times.

The art design is cute with similarity to Minecraft. You even get a Rick Grimes sheriff character as a helper that says random things as you tap away(You are fast) but this doesn’t save this game from the usual complaints about a clicker game. So the game gets a Play It For the achievements since ,at the end of the day, its still a clicker game with easy achievements but doesn’t break the new ground in terms of gameplay. What do you guys think about this game? Have you tried it? Comment below and let me know.



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