DMT: The Spirit Molecule review

Humans have a thirst of knowledge. That statement in undeniable. Through history, humanity has explored the unknown in the search for answers to our questions about, well, everything. A growing field right now is the study of psychedelics and their effects on the human body. This documentary focuses on the compound DMT which is found in many animals and plants for reasons unexplained. Lets talk about DMT: The Spirit Molecule


As a documentary, be ready to accept the fact that this movie is not completely objective. This documentary like all other major documentaries has a goal and a point view that it tries to explain. This one focuses on the compound DMT and its effect on humans. The documentary illustrates the history of psychedelics from the early Amazonian tribes to current times. As a relatively new field of study, there isn’t that much information about psychedelics and especially on DMT which is found in both plants and animals. This documentary tries to shed light on this compound and the potential it carries for humans use while illustrating that it is still a unknown substance.

The documentary itself is well done with interviews to doctors and scientists explaining their theories on DMT and psychedelics in general. There is also interviews with users of DMT be they writers or shamans. This gives the movie scientific credibility since it illustrates the few tests and recordings done on DMT by Rick Strassman. He is also the writer of the book that the documentary is based on. Unfortunately, the movie stumbles a bit when it tries to explain the spiritual practice of using or the experiences of DMT. I fear that the typical viewer might see it as mumbo jumbo instead of seeing the vast potential to explain religious and spiritual phenomena. The documentary just doesn’t handle the spiritual part as well as the scientific part of the equation. Of course, this is just my opinion so your experience could be very different to mine. Speaking of experiences, the documentary switches between interviews to trippy visual effects meant to illustrate the users’ experiences with DMT which I thought was a nice touch.

So in summary? Its a pretty good documentary that does have some faults. The spiritual part is not as well researched or handled as well the science part of the study. The film also leaves too many unanswered questions about psychedelics for a documentary that could be a gateway for people to be interested in the topic. Other than that, its a well done film that shows the potential of psychedelics in our society in spite of taboos and stigmas surrounding its use. While I feel its not the best introduction to psychedelics, it could be good supplemental information for an informed viewer.

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