Ms. Marvel Vol 1 No Normal review

Superheroes are cool. They get to fly and beat up bad guys while wearing a sweet costume. Or is it? The new Ms. Marvel is going to find out. Let’s talk about what maybe the best new Marvel superheroine in years with Ms Marvel.

This new volume of Ms. Marvel stars Kamala Khan as a Muslim teenager who receives the gift of superpowers by a weird cloud thing (Terrigen Bomb). She decides to become a superhero but she quickly finds out it is not as easy as it looks. Her powers consist being a polymorph that change the size of her body and limbs similar to Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. As she learns about her powers, a threat will appear that will push her beyond what she though was capable of doing. Now that summary is done with no spoilers lets go into detail over why this comic book works so well. The first great thing that works is Kamala herself. Similar to young Peter Parker, she is a young nerd that feels like an outsider to the rest of her classmates even though this case it involves her religion and background  rather than  just being an Avengers nerd. The comic works this perspective very well into the main conflict of Kamala wanting to be a part of something bigger. It feels different as she already has responsibilities to her family  even if they don’t understand her. Even her powers are a metaphor for her wish to change into someone else or at least the ideal version she sees compared to herself. Second great, awesome thing is the setting of New Jersey unlike other Marvel comics taking place either in space or New York City. It helps create a feeling of familiarity but still feel new thanks to New Jersey being drawn and portrayed as its origin town of Ms. Marvel. The final thing I want to talk about are the secondary characters including but not limited Kamala’s family. Each character has a role to play in the evolution of Kamala from normal teenaged girl to Ms. Marvel. From her paranoid mom to her best friend, they all contribute to Kamala’s world through their own way. By the way, the main villain is introduced but only at the end with no personal conflict yet. So the verdict? Go read this well made comic book that has all the elements of being a modern classic in the comic-book industry.


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