Captain America Civil War Trailer 1 reaction

(Checking ign for news stories to talk about) OMG New Captain America trailer hype FTW. So yeah, Im joining the trailer reaction bandwagon and what better trailer to start than with Civil War’s first trailer dropping today. Time to get Civil in War; this is my reaction.

First thing is first, the trailer is awesome so go watch that if you haven’t and come back. I’ll wait. Done? Good. So the trailer reveals some of the story gist of the movie, in the sense that this is a personal take on the comic book Civil War. Instead of a superhero related tragedy being a catalyst for the new governmente regulations; the catalyst this time seems to be Bucky and his relationship with good old cap. The trailer shows that Cap’s conflicts with the government  starts with him defying what seems to be Bucky’s arrest. This escalates until there are two groups of super heroes fighting with each other. One under Cap and the other with Iron Man. This helps the idea that this a true Captain America sequel that just happens to have a lot of other superheroes in the conflict being that this is a personal conflict for Cap. The trailer also shows scenes of action(Cap and Bucky beating up Iron Man) and emotion (Tony Stark saying So was I) along with glimpses of Black Panther(No Spiderman… yet). This is a good first trailer for what could be one of next years big films. What do you guys think of the trailer? Comment below and give your opinions.

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