Achievements Wishlist #4 : Mucho Taco Review

You know what is tasty? Tacos; especially non-Taco Bell tacos. So what happens when you combine a idle clicker with tacos? The answer is Mucho Taco.

Cover art

Mucho Taco is an idle clicker game where you swipe to make tacos. You use the tacos you make to buy new ingredients that raises the multiplier on the swipes so you make more tacos per swipe. You can also use tacos to build restaurants that … makes tacos. Making tacos fills a bar on the top of the screen. When it is filled, a piñata slides into screen so you can bash it and get goodies ranging from premium currency(chili coins) to a explosion of tacos. Sounds overly familiar? It’s because the gameplay mechanics are traditional in an idle clicker game but the game is saved from being overly formulaic by its presentation. The graphics are nice and appealing. The sounds and music are lively. The game is self aware with quotes and humor (about tacos). So in summary , the game is very formulaic with no gameplay innovations but it still charms you with its graphics and sense of fun it exudes. Now lets talk about possible achievements.

The possible achievements that could possibly be part of this game revolves around making tacos, bashing piñatas and building restaurants. Other possible achievements are  leveling up the restaurants and buying new ingredients for the tacos. Seems pretty simple to make so its a wonder that this game does not have achievements. What do you think of this game? Does it make you hungry or not? Comment below and let me know.

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