Achievements Wishlist #3: Dungeon Boss Review

Lately there has been a rise of rpg games where you can collect numerous heroes and level up them. The number of games that are this type grows by the week and now there is another one. This game is called Dungeon Boss.

Dungeon Boss is a roleplaying game where you lead a group of heroes into battle using a turn based system. You gain loot and tokens used to upgrade heroes or to summon new ones. Each hero has his or her unique abilities and attributes ranging from armor to elemental affinity. You upgrade heroes using tokens which upgrades their stats and unlock new abilities. Also, every time your heroes level up you can level up their abilities using gold.

The game has two major areas of gameplay: single-player and raids. Single player involves defeating dungeons filled with monsters and loot. Rinse and repeat. The raids is the multiplayer part of the game. Each player has their own dungeon defended by a selected group of four heroes. The dungeon constantly makes gold which can be raided by other players if they defeat your heroes. These two aspects work well together since playing both modes helps progress your heroes in terms of leveling up and collecting gold.

Now what achievements could this game have? Well the game has quests like most mobile games that helps guide the player through the game. They include beating single player chapters, leveling up heroes and ascending(upgrade) heroes among other. These quests could have easily been part of the achievement system of play games so its a shame that this game isn’t part of that system.  In summary, this is a fun rpg game with lots of content that feels unified compared to other games. Add in the colorful style and fair use of premium currency and you got yourself a very good game. What do you guys think about the game? Agree or disagree? Comment below and let me know. Smell ya later.

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