Google Play Games XP #10: Aquapolis Review

I love when game developers combine different genres to create a unique experience within a genre but sometimes that itself is not enough. Case in point is Aquapolis which is a game that combines city building with the popular farming genre but fails to establish it’s own identity.

Aquapolis is a simulation game that combines a city builder game with a farming game. This means that while doing the usual farming chores(harvesting, producing and selling ala Hay Day) you will also be constructing a city UNDERWATER. Hence the name of Aquapolis. The gameplay is unfortunately very basic and not very original. The mix of genres doesn’t work in this case since the farming is exactly what you have seen elsewhere in other farming games while city building mechanics are too simple to be fun. There is also a STORY. A story with potential but ends up being smothered by cheap and trope filled dialogue between the characters. The story itself is about three astronauts returning to Earth but finding it completely submerged underwater. They discover a new species of humanoid fish people that have taken the place of the humans. The goal is to find out what happened to humanity and the Earth while also helping the fish people( I can’t tell if that is offensive or not) build a city equal to that of humanity. Again, good concept but the grind of the gameplay and awful dialogue (similar to that of a bad cartoon show of the eighties) destroys the players interest in the mystery of the plot. So now that is out of the way: what about the achievements?

The achievements are mix if two different types of achievements: similar to other farming game achievements and “I don’t have a clue of what this means”. The first type is pretty self explanatory : leveling up and making products. The second type are written in another language that I don’t recognize or are secret achievements sooooooo yeah. I cant help there that much unfortunately. The problem is that most of the achievements are of the second type so its hard to say if the game has good achievements or not. In summary, this game gets a Don’t verdict because of its bad achievement list and not fun gameplay that grinds out the enthusiasm of the player very quickly.

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