Google Play Games XP #9: This Means War! Review

Want to talk about another base building strategy game? No? Too bad! Lets talk about This Means War!



This Means War! is a mobile strategy game that takes place in an unknown land where a new type of resource for energy has been found. This (of course) leads to war. Your job is to build a base of modern troops and vehicles while attacking other bases through the campaign or multiplayer. We have seen it all before in other games. The base building is similar to other games. Two standard currencies with a premium currency so you can spend money. Upgrade buildings. Train troops. Build defenses. It all sounds the same to other strategy games but there is one major difference in this game. Combat. During a battle, BOTH bases will show up on the screen so the enemy can attack you while you attack them. This gives the combat of the game a sense of strategy since you have to take care of your base while you are attacking the enemy base. I haven’t seen anything like it before and since so call this games combat unique. Oh there is a rock paper scissors element in the combat since types of troop have advantages and disadvantages against other troops. What about the achievements?

The achievements goes back to what you expect from a mobile strategy game. There are achievements for building, looting and winning battles. Like  in other games, this can take a lot of time so be prepared for that. In summary, the game gets a Play It For the achievements since the combat is unique but the rest of the game doesn’t break new ground making it still too similar to other strategy games so give it a try but don’t expect much.

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