Netflix #1: The Layover Season 1 Review

What better way to start my Netflix reviews by talking about a travel show hosted by a grouch that hates hipsters. Any problems? No? I didn’t think so. Let’s start the eating and drinking already.

Recognize that face? It’s good old Anthony Bourdain in all of his hipster hating glory. He is the host of The Layover show that used to air on the Travel Channel but now has a home on Netflix. The show combines the structured aspects of typical travel shows with Bourdain’s style of everything. And it works. Really well I have to say. Having Anthony Bourdain  host helps gives the show a very informal style yet still open to criticize parts of the city he is visiting. It helps the show feel real and genuine compared to other travel shows that sometimes feels like fluff pieces than actual travel experiences. The theme revolves around the famous layover that most travelers experiences by having to stay in a city until they can catch their next plane. Season 1 takes the viewer through a mix of local US cities(Los Angeles, San Francisco) and foreign cities (Amsterdam, Singapore). The episodes have three basic parts to the show. The first one is that Bourdain personally visits a business or restaurant with a guest which is sometimes a local chef from the area. The second part is a voice over of alternative places where you can go that Bourdain doesn’t personally visit but still recommends. The final part is interposed through the episode as interviews to local people from the area explaining what to do and not do in your visit of the city. These three parts gel well together giving the viewer a good and interesting glimpse into the city the episode takes place in. Its actually a little bit too much. The number of places mentioned or visited in this season is huge and it’s hard to keep track of all of them after the initial viewing but that’s nitpicking from a perfectionist(me). In summary, the show’s Season 1 is an excellent travel season filled with the wit and humor of both the locals and of Anthony Bourdain who is a great host for this show.
Total Time Spent: 430 minutes
Netflix rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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