Netflix #0 :Introduction

Time to talk about apps with achievements. In this case, Netflix. On Xbox One, Netflix has achievements for watching episodes, rating titles and logging in a certain amount days  in a row. Now using this list of achievements I have decided to talk about Movies and TV in this very blog. Now the reviews will be similar to other sites in the sense that I will talk about the media I’m reviewing and giving my opinion on it. I AM going to add a new spin by incorporating the achievements list into my review. For Netflix, it is going to have a rating that can be used in the rating system for achievements. The other section will be the times of the media being watched. For example, I will list the duration of the episodes of a season in a TV show.  Why? Why Not? Now this could change depending on how it goes but for now this will be the guide for Netflix Reviews. Now that the rules are over, let’s start the party.

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