Xbox Achievements #5: Daytona USA Review

It’s short review about an old Sega arcade game time!!!! This is Daytona USA.


Daytona USA is a racing video game that was rereleased for modern consoles on October 2011. The game’s cars are modeled after stock cars with 3 stages to choose from.  The objective is to win the race in first place and before the time runs out. Pretty simple stuff. The game is fun and pretty easy to learn the courses so having fun comes naturally unlike other racing games where there is a learning curve before it starts to become fun. The three courses are divided into difficulty but none of them are too hard to master. The graphics hold up pretty well and the controls are just right. Not too loose but still fun to drive around and cause some mayhem.

car animated GIF  Via:

The best part for achievements hunters? Easy 100% completion. Seriously it is super easy for two reasons. The ability to choose a difficulty and just easy achievements. Most of them are miscellaneous for doing specific things which do not require to win a race. The other achievements are for winning the three races on any difficulty so the game gets a Play It For the achievements/trophies verdict for being an easy game with 100% completion easily obtainable so if you want an easy 200 points then gets this game.

yes animated GIF  Via:

Hell yeah.


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