Xbox Achievements #4: Sonic The Fighters Review

Alright guys ,it’s time for a short review and what better game to talk about than a game that combines sonic characters with a fighting game? Why, it’s Sonic The Fighters of course. Sonic The Fighters is a 3D fighting game originally released on arcades but it’s now available on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Now the game is simple. Very simple. A block. A throw. Couple of combos and special moves. Honestly, it is too simple for pretty much anyone with fighting game experience. In terms of content, the game is also limited since there only 8 playable characters and only 2 modes: arcade and versus. It is easy to learn but what about the achievements?

The achievements are super simple to earn. Beating arcade mode will give you more than half of them and the others can be done in a match of versus. I actually have all the achievements in this game (12 in total) so this game gets a Play It For the achievements/trophies since it so easy to perfect this simple game.

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