Google Play Games XP #8: Party of Heroes Review

Alright guys, it is time to party with the heroes. That is a joke ladies and gentlemen so let’s start the review of Party of Heroes for mobile platforms.


Party of Heroes is a rpg fantasy game where you lead a group of heroes into combat against the forces of darkness or something like that. The story isn’t really important in this game so it is hard to care or remember about it. The game’s focus is on gameplay which is ,unfortunately, just competent. The player organizes a party(roll credits) of heroes( you get the idea) into battle where they do their thing. The heroes attack automatically so they don’t need massive amount of input. Actually, the only input you have in the battle are the heroes skills and when they activate them. It is fun at the beginning but it gets boring after a couple dozen of battles which brings me to the next issue with this game. The game requires massive amounts of grinding in order to level up your heroes so they can advance to the next quest of the game. You have to replay the same missions over and over again until you just get sick and tired of it. You also have a base/castle thing where you can train heroes (which costs gold) and collect gold(from a mine). You can also recruit new heroes or sacrifice them to your best heroes for exp but none of these things actually speeds up the monotony from the actual gameplay. So what about the achievements?

There are five achievements and they are all time consuming. Playing battles and leveling up your heroes/base are the achievements but they take forever in order to complete. It took me forever just to get 2 achievements and wasn’t even close to the other 3. So in summary, play something else honestly because there are better games out there of this genre that has a better achievement list and doesn’t require massive amount of grinding. The final verdict is a Don’t but do you guys agree? Comment below and let me know if my opinion sucks or something like that. Smell ya later.

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