Google Play Games XP #7: Tap City

What do you get when you combine a clicker game with an idle game and a spice of Threes the game? You get a game that is weaker than the sum of its parts. The game is called Tap City.

Tap City is a clicker idle game where you build a city and click on the buildings to get coins. The buildings themselves makes coins automatically but tapping on them makes the process faster. You use the coins to upgrade the buildings so they can make more coins. Rinse and repeat. That’s why the game is a clicker idle game but both parts are unsatisfactory(big word) or fun. The tapping isn’t enjoyable because the game doesn’t have bright colors or cool sounds. Its just the game’s music to entertain as you tap away. It’s no good as Sonic would say. The idle parts work better but having to pay premium currency in order to increase the time that you can collect idle money is kind of a pain. The premium currency(diamonds) are found randomly by tapping and you can use it to increase the collect time or to buy packs. These packs contain cars and trees that are added to your city. No idea what other benefits because does a bad job of explaining some of its gameplay. It seems weird saying that especially considering its a clicker game but I found other games more user friendly. One example are the technology items. After building up your city, you will get the option to tap the buildings to fill up a bar which when it is filled up will give you a tech item. You can combine these tech items together to make more valuable items ala Threes! but the game does a poor job of explaining WHAT IS THE POINT OF THESE ITEMS? They don’t affect the main gameplay in any visible way. It just seems like they added this part to capitalize on the popularity of those types of games which is pretty lame to be honest. It would have been cool to use these items but you can’t so moving on to the achievements.

The achievements are a mix making coins, upgrading buildings, getting tech items and using diamonds to buy packs. Now the achievements are pretty fair and easy to get since it is a clicker game after all but I have played better clicker games than this so this gets a Play It For the achievements since it is a simple game that will give you easy xp and points for your account.

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