Google Play Games XP #6 : 2020: My Country Review

Have you ever wished to build a city wait come back!! This one is a little special. The city is in the future. Tun, tun ,tun. This is 2020: My Country

This city builder simulation game’s setting is the year 2020 as the builder/mayor of a new city. Your job is expand the city to huge proportions because this game has a lot of content. Massive amount of types of building and homes which increases as you unlock them by leveling up.  Level up by doing quests which involves opening buildings or solving mishaps. In order to that, you need professionals to open and run the buildings. For example, a police officer for a police station etc. You get these professionals by acquiring items from jobs done in the buildings. Unfortunately, you can’t pick the jobs since its chosen at random leading to frustration since doing the jobs spends energy. And, yes, there is free to play shenanigans in this game with an energy system and premium currency but it doesn’t hamper the experience too much. One added bonus is that you can use energy to accelerate time in all of the timers so that’s pretty cool. Now let’s talk about the achievements.

The achievements involves two things: doing contracts in buildings and solving mishaps in the city. All of the achievements require leveling up to unlock the building listed in the achievements be it a fire station or a post office. The contracts takes timer since they run on timers but it’s nothing too bad. The mishaps are a problem because they appear at random. You can spend energy in order to call in ,say, a house fire but the amount of energy needed is more than half of your energy so you have to summon a mishap and then wait until your energy comes back which is annoying to say the least. Other than that, the main problem with the achievements are unlocking the buildings necessary to achieve them which takes a long time in-game wise. The game itself is fun even though it doesn’t do much of its setting; the game is a fun diversion to get some cheevos so Play It For the achievements.

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