Achievements Wishlist #2: Trivia Crack Review

Trivia games are fun hence why there are so many on Google Play. There are games on movie trivia and games trivia and other trivia but what about general trivia ala Trivial Pursuit? Trivia Crack is the answer(snicker). I made a pun!!!!

Trivia Crack is a trivia game very similar to Trivial Pursuit in the sense that in order to win the game you have get pieces or in this game characters. The characters are won by answering three questions on your turn. You spin a wheel and get a question from the category you landed on. You lose your turn when you fail the question. So far, very similar to Trivial Pursuit but why fix what isn’t broken? You can also challenge your opponent in order to take one of their characters but at the cost of possibly losing one of your characters. This adds an element of strategy to the game since it can help even the odds of a game or you fall on your ass and fail even harder. The questions are made by users so you see questions of all types including obvious ones and really hard ones. The categories are geography, entertainment, art, sports, history and science. There is also a special area of the wheel that you can land on that immediately gives you the chance to challenge or play for a character. This helps the game feel more dynamic and random in a fun way. Honestly this game is really fun but what about the possible achievements? Well this game actually has achievements in-game. They are for playing games, answering questions ,and submitting question for other players. I wonder why this game isn’t connected to either game center or play games since it has achievements and leaderboards. So that’s my wish list for this game. Get support for the achievements already in the game. Oh yeah and go play it because it is fun.

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