Google Play Games XP #5: Boom Beach Review

Boom Beach is a strategy game made by the developers of Clash of Clans so this game ends up being very similar to COC but brings some unique twists to the gameplay. These differences helps the game feel unique and fun to play. Lets talk more about it shall we?


Boom Beach is a base building strategy game where you build a base and attack other bases under the hand of the Blackwatch who have taken over the archipelago where the game takes place. The formula sounds and it IS very similar to Clash of Clans but there tweaks to the formula that helps Boom Beach stand out. First, the units are divided into squads instead of being individual units which helps strategize more complicated tactics. Second, the units don’t disappear after being used as long as they don’t die. This helps keep the momentum of the player and not have to waste money to revive its army every time you attack a base. Finally, the bases only has one entrance which is a beach (hence the title). This seems like a negative point but knowing that the enemy will attack from one side means that it is easier to build up a good defense unlike Clash of Clans where a lot of luck is involved. The game units are basic tropes seen before. Riflemen, heavys and bazookas are all present in the game. And ,yes, you can attack other player bases as part of the main map which incorporates both single player and multi-player matches. Everything else is identical to COC. Upgrade building and harvesting resources are all here. Now what about the achievements?

Similar to COC(again) the achievements in game are divided into three levels but it counts individually in google play games. The achievements themselves are for upgrading your base, destroying enemy bases, defending your base and other stuff. You will get most of the achievements just playing the game so no walkthrough needed. In summary, this game is really fun and its feels unique compared to other COC clones so go Play It already and get some achievements from it.

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