Playing with Steam #4: PARTICLE MACE

As the asteroids and enemies comes closer, you think quickly. No weapons. No ammo. Nothing to defend your ship from the darkness in space. Then, you remember the particles that you stashed in the cargo area of your ship are still there. So you hook them up to  strings that connect with the ship and release them. Now its time to fight with your particle mace.


Particle Mace is a top down shooter in space where you play as a ship with no weapons defending yourself from enemies and asteroids. All you have for defense are particles attached to strings to the ship. This completely changes the game from a gameplay perspective because you have to focus on movement for both attacking and avoiding unlike say Geometry Wars that has the player focus on attacking with weapons and avoiding with movement. The game feels unique because of that even though its a game that follows the structure of dual stick shooters. There is an arcade mode with easy, hard and asteroid difficulties. Another mode is mission mode where you have to beat certain objectives in rounds including destroying enemies in a defined space or in a time limit. There are also multiplayer modes but I did not get to try them just yet. To add even more replay value, the player can choose different ships with different attributes and particles to swing around which ,yes, its as satisfying as it sounds.  What about the achievements?

The game has steam  achievements but they are incredibly hard and time consuming. They involve getting really high scores in the game different modes and completely beating mission mode. Thankfully, the game is really fun anyways so the game gets a Play It verdict for its interesting and unique game play that is fun and satisfying even though the achievements are hard to get on Steam.


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