Achievements Wishlist #1: Battle Empire: Roman Wars Review

Battle Empire: Roman Wars is a  strategy mobile game in the same vein as Clash of Clans where you build a base and attack other player’s bases but this time with a Roman style. The game itself isn’t that original because it follows the COC (Clash of Clans) formula to a tee. Build buildings. Train units. Upgrade everything. You have seen it all before in other games but in this game there is no limit to upgrade and build at the same time unlike COC where you can only do it with limited builders. The combat involves sending an army to attack another base where the game compares the attacking strength with the defense strength to resolve the battle. Its more passive than COC where you can choose how to send or order your troops around. In this game, its just numbers with no active strategy role to play unfortunately. There is also 4 special statues that unlock special powers but only with using diamonds(the premium currency) so its not worth it honestly. Now comes the fun part: Achievemen… oh wait this game doesn’t have any hence why its part of the wishlist. There are quests that helps guide the player in the game similar to the achievements of COC. Upgrading buildings, attacking other players, expanding your empire and training troops all complete theses quests . The achievements could be that since the quests cover all areas of the game including combat and economy. The game itself is a fun if unoriginal diversion that won’t conquer COC seat at the top but can still provide some fun for a couple of days.

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