Google Play Games XP #4: Hollywood U: College Story

As I look around my college campus, I feel a sense of familiarity in this environment similar to high school. College still is different but not because of the system. Instead its the people that makes college different from high school. Hence why Hollywood U succeeds at keeping Pixelberry Formula working.


Hollywood U is the second game in the Pixelberry universe of mobile games. This one takes place in a college for people that want to be stars hence the name Hollywood U. The game copies High School Story to a tee. You play as a character that enrolled in Hollywood U. You build dorms and decorations with money.  Quests are beaten with certain characters. You get characters through partying. Different types of characters gives you different new characters. You have seen it before in the previous game. One major difference is that there is no books to buy but instead a workshop that levels up characters. The amount of time it takes to level up depends on the level of the character. All in all, its a better system than the book system from the previous. In terms of story, this game has a more mature feel because the themes are more adult. Drinking, affairs and hooking up are all brought up in this game making the story feel different from High School Story. This helps the game stand out on its own without looking like a copy of High School Story. What about the achievements?

The achievements are similar to High School Story in two ways. First, its leveling up characters though this time there are more characters to level up. Second, its going to take a long time to get the achievements like the previous game. So if you want to play a game with good story and likeable characters but has time consuming achievements then give this game a try. So in summary, the game gets a Play It verdict from me.

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